Our server platform announced that we must delete all products with the Confederate flag on them by JULY 28. We have been selling Rebel stuff online for over 20 years, and we are not going to stop serving our customers. 
WE ARE MOVING OUR REBEL CLOTHING AND GEAR TO A NEW SERVER PLATFORM, ONLINE IN A WEEK OR SO. You can find the link to the new website here when it is finished being set up. You can view some of our Rebel gear at our Facebook page... https://www.facebook.com/redneckwear911  
You can still order by Email…send your orders or product inquiries to INFO@SAM-FW.COM ...Don't worry, we will still be processing all Rebel orders placed online by July 28.

This is a collection of our RedNeckWear boardshorts and swimsuits for men.  Available in sizes Small to XL...with some styles even going up to size 5X. Beach towels and Beach gear also included.  Whether you are shopping for an AMERICAN flag, REBEL flag, TEXAS flag or CAMOUFLAGE pattern swimwear, we have just what you are looking for, in the size you need.  Check out our WOMEN'S SWIMWEAR collection...same four patterns in bikinis and one-piece swimsuits.

MEN"S SWIMWEAR- American, Rebel, Texas and Camouflage Boardshorts and Swimsuit Trunks

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